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Ingredients Comparison Tool

Compare market penetration of multiple ingredients in one go.

Compare market penetration across ingredients

Close Opportunity Gaps Swiftly

Spot what’s missing by analysing ingredients’ category mix and market penetration. With Gravel AI, you’ll confidently build a category that has the right assortment breadth and depth.

Set a Price Strategy That Works

Price according to market expectations with Gravel AI. With a full overview of your competitors’ price architecture at your fingertips, quickly identify your own pricing sweet spot.

Identify Trends Ahead of Time

Pinpoint rising trends from market leaders and incorporate those right for your customers. Always have what your customers are looking for, right when they want it.

Strengthen brand positioning with products customers want

Craft an assortment that not only represents your brand but also has the right balance of newness. Easily discover macro-level insights and what’s trending on Gravel I.

For Skincare Brands

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Identify white space in the market

Identify geographical white space of each ingredient and tailor your marketing and sales strategy accordingly.

Inform R&D with commercial insights

Arm R&D with commercial insights on each ingredient so the organisation create the right ingredient for the future audience.

Maximise sales with a tailored approach

Add ingredient market demand data to sales pitch so brands and contract manufacturers choose you over substitutes.

Capture your clients with the right story

Enrich sales and market pitches to new and existing clients, backed-by data. Showcase potential of each ingredient based on real market demand data.

For Manufacturers

Data and Features

Market penetration comparsion

Compare market penetration of up to four ingredients in one go.

Product type popularity comparison

Rank popular product types across ingredients.

Geographical distribution comparison

Compare geographical market distribution of brands and products that use specific ingredients.

Product price comparison

Compare prices of products created from ingredients.

Price differences across product types

Compare prices of different types of product created from different ingredients.

New Launches and product retirements comparison

Monitor product launch and retirements to compare activity levels across ingredients.

Product claims and keywords comparison

Scan popular product claims per ingredient at one glance.

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Last updated: May 2022