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Ingredient Markets Explorer

Explore geo-expansion trends, local and global markets demand for ingredients.

Uncover market potential of your ingredients

Scan the market for competitors

Do you use a unique ingredient? Uncover competitive brands and products from other geographies that use similar ingredients in other parts of the world.

Monitor new product launches and product retirements

Stay notified for new product launches that contain the unique ingredients similar to yours. Learn when the products are taken off shelf.

Add bottom-up analysis to VCs and distributors pitches with raw data

Instead of quoting broad-brushed, opinion-based industry trends, use real data to a bottom-up analysis at global level to showcase attractiveness of your product offerings.

Uncover price premiums

Learn how different product types lead to different in prices - a face serum may be worth more than a foot cream even they contain the same unique ingredients. Make informed product development decisions by learning the complete price architecture.

For Skincare Brands

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Power up ingredients sales pitch

Add ingredient market demand data to sales pitch so brands and contract manufacturers choose you over substitutes.

Identify emerging white space for R&D

Look for innovative applications of new ingredients from growing niches around the world. Invest in R&D so when the trend turns mainstream, you're ready.

Monitor ingredients trends backed by real data

Align your pitches with latest ingredients market trends - increased adoption of green ingredients, phasing out of petroleum-based ingredients - backed by real data.

Learn the geographical differences

Compare ingredients adoption patterns across geographies from South Korea, India, Poland to France. Tailor your marketing and sales approach based on local appetite.

For Manufacturers

Data and Features

Ingredient markets overview

Observe ingredient adoption trends across markets, brands and products.

Ingredient adoption by geographies

Compare ingredients adoption, new product launches and product retirements across 14 geographies.

New product launches and retirements

Get notified on new product launches and product retirement trends. Map out the product life cycle, separate short term hypes from long term trends.

Product price range by ingredient

Map out price range of products containing specific ingredients and compare across geographies.

Top product types by ingredients

Map out popular product types created from specific ingredients.

Brand activities

Monitor brand activities associated with specific ingredients.

Brand portfolio size

Segment brands adopting specific ingredients by their portfolio size to understand market trends.

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Last updated: May 2022