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Formulation Change Analysis -
Substituted In

Track formulation change trends from the perspective of an ingredient being substituted in

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Formulation Change Trends

How often does formulation change happen, for products containing specific ingredients?

List of ingredients being added alongside this ingredient

Which ingredients also get added, when a specific ingredient is added, during formulation change?

List of ingredients being removed when a specific ingredient is added

What get removed when this ingredient is added, during a formulation change?

Raw data included

Full ingredient list before and after formulation change, product name, brand name, time of formulation change.

Feature: Ingredients substitution patterns during formulation change

Full Raw Data Available

"Gravel AI's data tools have significantly shortened the research time for new ingredient development and uncovered market gaps for exports that resulted in 25% YoY increase in sales during the pandemic!"

Business Unit Manager / Ingredient Manufacturer