Use AI to Analyse 100k+ Global New Product Launches
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Effortlessly Analyse 100k+ Global New Product Launches Every Month


0:00 Select ceramide NP, face cream, USA, search. Now you have data on new product launches, existing products, brand analysis, brand segmentation and more.

0:18 But what if you have a question not already covered by these metrics. You can go to talk to AI Analyst and type create a chart that plots the price distribution of new product launches. Okay, get answer. Now, Gravel AI uses our existing dataset, so no hallucinations, and creates the answer and plots a chart.

0:54 real-time for you, on the fly. This is it. So price distribution of raw of new product launches and the explanations from on where the data comes from.

 1:09 Thank you very much.

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Use AI Analyst to analyse massive amount of data

  • Analyse 100k+ New Product Launches Every Month
  • Ask any business questions you have
  • Create charts and analysis on the fly with Generative AI
  • Huge time saver - research the market in an instant
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No Hallucinations

  • Proprietary dataset powered by Gravel
  • AI Analyst will not 'hallucinate' - charts and analysis will be generated from Gravel's curated dataset
  • Create custom analysis on the fly
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Transparent Datasource

  • Check and validate datasource using 'View Data' tab
  • Datasources used to power AI Analyst  are fully listed under 'Data Sources' tab
  • Create analysis with confidence with fully traceable data