Track L'Oreal's Suppliers
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Track a beauty brand's ingredient suppliers (for proprietary ingredients only)


0:01 Select, L'Oreal Paris. We are only able to trace proprietary ingredients, so if it is a generic ingredient like collagen, then we are not able to trace it.

0:22 We detected that Korea added 2 new ingredient suppliers in December, 8 new ingredients And in total they use 77 ingredient suppliers. These are the new ingredient suppliers they used In December. And these are the new ingredients they added in December. And this is the list of ingredient

0:48 manufacturers and ingredients they used in total Updated December 2023. Thank you for watching

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Pitch to a brand as a second supplier

  • Monitor a brand's new and existing suppliers
  • Find out which supplier competitor's ingredients a brand uses
  • Map all bio-similar ingredients a brand uses
  • Position yourself as a second supplier
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Monitor new ingredients used by fast growing brands

  • Track new ingredients and new suppliers used by fast growing brands
  • Analyse ingredients alongside marketing claims
  • Inform your R&D and commercial strategies
  • Data updates every month
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Uncover all proprietary ingredients used by a brand

  • Updates every month
  • Find out which proprietary ingredients are used by which brands
  • Track new ingredients adoption from major ingredient suppliers
  • Inform Sales, Marketing and R&D
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1000+ Beauty Brands Covered

  • Skinceuticals, Glossier, Drunk Elephant and up-and-coming brands
  • European, US, Japanese and Korean beauty brands
  • Across all applications within Personal Care & Beauty - from face serum, shampoo, lip clay, to night masks