Track Evonik Dermosoft® OMP's Customers
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Track which brand uses a proprietary ingredient


0:00 Select a supplier. Evonik. Select an ingredient from the supplier. Dermosoft® OMP. Search. This tool creates high confidence estimates of what brand customers use a proprietary ingredient. We are only able to trace proprietary ingredients so if it is a generic ingredient such as collagen that we are not able to trace.

0:26 We detected that Dermosoft® OMP is used by 79 brands and 566 SKUs in the USA market these are the brands of Dermosoft® OMP these are the finished product SKUs that use Dermosoft® OMP that is estimated by us.

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Uncover how a proprietary ingredient is used

  • Monitor a supplier's new and existing brand customers, per ingredient
  • Track new launches successes, growth and decline of ingredients
  • Understand the fast developing landscape of cosmetics and beauty ingredients
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Monitor commercial success of new ingredients

  • Track commercial success of new ingredients in terms of brands adoption
  • Monitor new proprietary ingredient launches by major suppliers
  • Make better R&D and strategic decisions
  • Data updates every month
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Uncover all SKUs that use a proprietary ingredient

  • Updates every month
  • Find out which proprietary ingredients are used by which brands
  • Track new ingredients adoption from major ingredient suppliers
  • Inform Sales, Marketing and R&D
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500+ Proprietary Ingredients Covered

  • Evonik's ROVISOME® Biotin, Dermosoft® LB MP, symbio®muls GC MB
  • Clariant's Nipaguard® SCE, Plantasens® Crambisol
  • Plus many more