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Brand Activities Monitor

Monitor a brand's every move from new product launches, discount depths, to formulation changes.

Effortlessly monitor a brand's
every move

Benchmark a brand's activity level

Benchmark activities level of competitive brands globally. Track who is launching new products most frequently, which brand is stale.

Track historical price changes and discount depths

Learn the complete price architecture of competitive products - stealth price changes before and after a discount, discount depth and breadth during Black Friday, Christmas across geographical regions.

Analyse new product launches and product retirements

Easily analyse new product launches and product retirements throughout the retail calendar.

Uncover formulation changes

Triangulate patterns on formulation changes with current events - supply chain disruptions, ingredients shortages, clean beauty trends, replacement of petroleum-based ingredients vs green ingredients.

For Skincare Brands

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Track activities of big market movers

Follow big brands that can move markets and trends. See what they did, what they launched, which products they chose to retire and replace, what ingredients they used, stay ahead of market movements.

Enrich client conversations

Add data to educate clients in all conversations. Help clients learn something new in every call, become domain expert, get clients up to speed on latest trends, converse in confidence backed by real market data.

Identify high growth niche startups

Mark pockets of high activities among startup brands that were not on your radar. Track the most active startups that set the global trends in 1-2 years time. Be in the know and capture emerging trends early.

Power up sales pitches

Create powerful sales pitches backed by industry trends. Highlight key activities by market movers to showcase upcoming changes in industry that align with your sales and marketing strategy.

For Manufacturers

Data and Features

Brand activities overview

Easily gain an overview on brand activities at a retail level.

New product launch trends

Understand a brand's portfolio turnover by tracking their historical trends on new product launches and product retirements.

Recently retired products

Get a list of recently retired products and analyse product attributes, ingredients and price points.

Product portfolio profile

Segment a brand's portfolio by product type, prices and on-sale status.

Historical discount depths

Benchmark trends of a brand's discount breadth and depth against your competitive set.

Product price changes

Monitor price changes of a brand's product to understand cost pressure and market trends.