What is the role of a new product development (NPD) manager in cosmetics?

Karen Ho     

Get a clear picture of the cosmetics new product development (NPD) manager’s role and responsibilities, tips to acing the job, and more.

The best NPD managers are visionaries. You guide the success of a new cosmetic product and lead the cross-functional team that is responsible for bringing it to the market. This is an important role in cosmetics companies. New Product Development Managers provide the expertise needed to lead and make strategic product decisions.

New product development managers are at the intersection of business, formulation & manufacturing, and regulations. This is because the role spans many activities from strategic to tactical and provides important cross-functional leadership — most notably between brand marketing, support teams and external suppliers.

What does a cosmetics NPD Manager do?

A NPD Manager sets the product portfolio strategy, product launch calendar, and has full accountability of the formulation of a product or product line. A product manager role may also include product marketing, manufacturing project management, user trials and budget responsibilities. NPD Managers analyze market and competitive conditions, laying out a product vision that is differentiated and delivers unique value based on customer demands.

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