CHANDO China Skincare Brand

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Get a clear picture of the popular China skincare brand - CHANDO


CHANDO uses natural ingredients and technology to bring beautiful life to consumers who enjoy nature. The brand advocates the concept of enjoying nature and a beautiful life, selecting rare natural ingredients and integrating technology, and is committed to providing Chinese consumers with excellent products and services.

CHANDO brand founding Year

CHANDO was founded in Shanghai in 2001.

CHANDO brand story

Nature breeds the beauty of life. The source of life is the source of beauty.

Everyone can find their ideal position in nature, obtain the ability from nature, and present their own beauty and happiness.

CHANDO believes that every woman is a masterpiece.

Born with the essence of nature, true and unique, it can infect people and change the world.

CHANDO hopes to draw infinite inspiration from nature to bring gentle and effective products. Using natural ingredients and advanced technology to discover and reveal the innate beauty of all women. Since its establishment in 2001, CHANDO has successively become a platinum member of the Boao Forum for Asia, an exhibitor of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, a strategic partner of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and an official partner of the Chinese Diving Team in 2012.

Founded in Shanghai in 2001, CHANDO has become one of the well-known cosmetic brands in China, occupying a considerable market share in the Chinese women's skin care products market.

CHANDO advocates the concept of enjoying nature and a beautiful life. It is developed according to the characteristics of Chinese culture, diet and skin, integrating natural ingredients and innovative technologies, and is committed to providing Chinese consumers with better and more professional quality products and services.

The synergistic effect of Himalayan small-molecule glacier water and rare plant active extracts combines the essence of glacier water and snow, which can penetrate and import active ingredients more quickly, purify cells, increase vitality, and multiply the effect of active essence skin care.

CHANDO key ingredients used

CHANDO uses the following key ingredients in their skincare products:

Glacier water above 5128 meters in the Himalayas

The water is taken from the natural glacier spring with the highest altitude in the world. The water intake is located above 5128 meters in the northern foothills of the Himalayas. Natural small molecular group structure, rich in a variety of mineral elements, protect the skin's natural sebum film, optimize the skin's water retention, increase the skin's nutritional vitality, and make it smooth and delicate.

Alpine Snow Ginseng Extract

The harsh growth environment of the snowy plateau endows the snow ginseng flower with antioxidant capacity, which can promote skin self-repair, reduce free radical damage, purify the skin while moisturizing and soothing.

Raw Red Pomegranate Extract

The agate red pomegranate extract produced in the Three Rivers of the Himalayas has whitening and anti-oxidant power, purifies and repairs the internal environment of the skin, improves roughness and dullness, evenly whitens and brightens, and evens skin tone; at the same time, it has anti-oxidant effect, which can reduce free radicals damage, leaving the skin fair and hydrated.

Snowdrop / Galanthus Extract

Snowdrop essence can help cells store energy, prolong the life cycle of healthy cells, reduce fine lines, help slow down skin aging, and fight oxidation.

CHANDO key product lines

Skincare Line

1. Fresh Face Series

From age 25 onwards, the skin needs to start the prelude of anti-aging. The natural beauty series, adhering to the concept of natural skin care, uses advanced "sleep" technology to combat fine lines, roughness, dullness and other skin caused by external adverse environment, life pressure, lack of sleep, fatigue, etc. question.

2. Fresh Face Muscle Activating Cream (Sleep Cream)

CHANDO star product - Anti-Aging Cream, Fresh Face "Sleep" technology equipped with rare snowdrop extract, blended with Himalayan natural glacier water, resists fine lines on the skin. The skin becomes tender, plump and more youthful after application of the cream.

3. Snowland Essence Series

Internal and physical stress, external environmental damage, and seasonal changes make the skin prone to fatigue and lack of oxygen, making the skin look dry, dull, rough, and lacking vitality. CHANDO Snowland Essence Series, deeply moisturizing, high-efficiency antioxidant, make the skin healthy and shiny.

CHANDO's Hero skincare product

1. CHANDO Ice Muscle Water

CHANDO Ice Muscle Water brings together the pure power of 5,128 meters of Himalayan glacier water, and the essence of rare plants in the snowy plateau - snow ginseng, snowdrop, agate and pomegranate, to deeply purify the skin, moisturizing, brightening, repairing, and anti-oxidant.

2. Snow White Series

CHANDO's Snow White series can deeply whiten and brighten the complexion. Skin becomes clear and radiant from the inside out.

3. Snow White Crystal Emulsion

Smart Crystal White Technology™, the rare whitening energy of snow pomegranate, repel melanin, improve dullness and roughness and other whitening problems. Clear and easy to absorb texture, with massage to help penetrate deep into the skin, leaving the skin white and smooth.

4. Rejuvenating, Firming and Anti-Wrinkle Series

CHANDO's Rejuvenating Firming Anti-Wrinkle Series, using skin firming and rebounding technology, can effectively improve the quality of elastic fibers, firm and improve, improve wrinkles, delicate and plump skin, and rejuvenate youthful complexion. In particular, the essence of snow-covered plants is added, and daily maintenance is sustained, so that there is no trace of the years.

5. BB Family

CHANDO BB Family skincare products, customized for Asian women's skin to create 5 essence BB creams, according to the daily needs of different skin types. Select skin care essence from nature, combine with innovative technology, light and transparent.