Beauty New Product Launch Database

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Gravel AI is a new product launch database for the Beauty and Personal Care Industry. B2B companies from cosmetics ingredient suppliers, distributors to contract manufacturers use Gravel AI's new product launch database to monitor monitor new product launches, ingredient adoption trends, application trends, marketing claims trends, and more.

Gravel AI is a platform that is best at discovering ingredient trends for the beauty & personal care industry.

Gravel AI’s ingredient intelligence module tracks new product launches, ingredient usage, and applications and marketing claims used by beauty brands.

While its industry intelligence module uncovers contract manufacturers and proprietary ingredients used by fast growing beauty brands.

While the platform has many use cases, it’s important to consider how to navigate between broad trends and deep insights. On one hand, it is highly effective in identifying niche trends and providing valuable data for content creation and marketing strategies. On the other hand, some users may find it more beneficial to understand specific niches compared to others.

How to track new product launches

Tracking new product launches is as simple as 1-click.

First of all, go to the Market Deep Dive tool.

Fill in the criteria on ingredients, applications or marketing claims. Click Search.

Gravel AI detected 1151 new shampoos launched within the last 6 months. It also detected 4794 shampoos in the US market (covering 19 major retailers in the US).

You can also see a breakdown of the new product launches and brands in the following.

How to track successful new product launches

Tracking successful new product launches is important.

L’Oreal can launch a new product that sells for millions of units. A small brand may launch a product that sells for 20 units. Just tracking new product launches is not enough.

Gravel AI aggregates positive consumer reviews across major retailers. This is used as a proxy for commercial success of newly launched products.

Newly launched personal care products are ranked in a descending order based on their 6 months positive consumer reviews.


How to track new brands

Gravel AI also tracks new brands in each category. It also filters these brands by marketing claims they use. For example, hyperpigmentation, scalp care, and microbiome.

The database tracks ‘Established Brands Launching New Products’, ‘Small Brands Launching New Products’, and ‘Commercially Successful New Launches’.

Simply tap each filter to switch between each segment of brands launching new products.

Here is a list of brands that have launched new products in the shampoo category. The aggregated consumer reviews are shown as a proxy of commercial success of these brands in the shampoo category.

Here is a list of small brands that have launched new products in the shampoo category:

Here is a list of brands that are gaining strong momentum from their new product launches, in the shampoo category.

Gravel AI ‘New Products Commercial Success Indicator’ to measure momentum of a new product launch. This metric is defined as, the share of the positive consumer reviews received by the newly launched products as a % of total positive consumer reviews.

How to track trending ingredients

Gravel AI tracks fast growing ingredients in each ingredient category. For example, in actives, surfactants, or preservatives.

You can filter by applications or marketing claims. For example, fast growing active ingredients of products that use the claim ‘hyperpigmentation’.

You can view fast growing top ingredients in descending order here.

These are ingredients used in hyperpigmentation that already have high adoption in the market.

You can view fast growing niche ingredients in descending order here.

These are ingredients used in hyperpigmentation that have fairly low adoption in the market.

These are worth noting because this means the ingredient trend has just started to take off.

How to track declining ingredients

Tracking declining ingredients can be more important than you think.

This is because brands are constantly reformulating. Due to changes in consumer expectation, societal preferences, some ingredients may be removed from the product.

Now let’s look at the top declining ingredients within preservatives. All the parabens are down. The brands are phasing out parabens from their products.

How to track ingredients with fast growing supply and slow growing demand


The ‘Ingredient Opportunities’ tab filters out the ingredients within an ingredient type that have fast growing market demand and slow growing supply.

Fast growing demand is defined as an increase in adoption in new products launched in the last 6 months.

Growing supply is defined as the increase in number of ingredient suppliers supplying the ingredient.

How to detect ingredient blends from product launches

Gravel AI tracks brands and products that use proprietary ingredient blends, based on matching the blend’s INCI combos with the INCI list on the product packaging.

For example, below we detected this product from Garnier uses the same ingredient blend as Sparkle 600, manufactured by the ingredient supplier Galaxy Surfactants.

When a new product is launched, Gravel AI matches the INCI combos with a list of proprietary ingredient blends to track adoption.

Users can also search for proprietary ingredient blends used in, for example, top 50 shampoos launched in the last 6 months in the US market with ‘microbiome’ marketing claim.

This saves formulators a lot of time in reverse engineering commercially successful products.

How to track contract manufacturers used by brands

Gravel AI tracks contract manufacturers used by fast growing brands.

The data is constantly updated and the ‘Detection Date’ column shows when the contract manufacturer - brand linking is detected

For example, Gravel AI detected Capsum, a contract manufacturer headquartered in France, is used by Benefit Cosmetics.

Gravel AI can detect the reverse - which contract manufacturers are used by a specific brand.

This can be done through the Beauty Brand Deep Dive tool.

For example, Gravel AI detected 15 contract manufacturers used by Benefit Cosmetics, including Centre 7, Autumn Harp, Artcosmetics, and Aircos.

Ingredient Suppliers, Distributors and Contract Manufacturers really, really love our data tools — find out why.