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Track commercial success
of any cosmetic ingredient

AI analytics and insights for chemical manufacturers

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Group 11

AI-Powered Analytics at Ingredient Level

Gravel helps chemical manufacturers validate demand in new and existing markets,
inform R&D decisions and identify white space for growth.

Understand market penetration of an ingredient

  • By geographical market penetration
  • By brand size and reach
  • By brand market positioning

Understand market size and market share of an ingredient

  • Segment by product category and geography
  • Estimate volume sold through customer reviews
  • Understand market share within category

Identify high growth markets and white space for an ingredient

  • Segment by product category and geography
  • Track new product launches, product discontinuations
  • Track post launch product survival rate

Competitive analysis on ingredient manufacturers

  • Uncover their customer base
  • Understand their market share
  • Estimate units sold through customer reviews

Analyse price structure of products containing the ingredient

  • New product launches
  • Product discontinuation
  • Post launch survival rate

Get notified on new product launches

  • Activities of customer brands
  • Gains and losses in market share by key brands
  • New launches of innovative brands

Our Mission

We generate high resolution industry data that decision makers can trust, understand and act upon to grow their business.

We believe that in a modern world, data should be easily accessible to every business.

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